McGregor Bay Emergency Numbers: A QuickReference Guide (click to print)

  • Anyone can simply follow the script for the required emergency service.
  • Get help in the quickest, most accurate way possible.

In emergencies, people may be emotionally aroused, fearful or panicking.  Follow the script for help required in situations when staying calm, focused, and thinking clearly may be  difficult. Making the call for help is easiest when you have all your information available and on hand before an emergency happens!

  • Fill in the blanks; inform your family members and guests where it is and how to use it.
  • Refer to 911 Help and circle the preferred Number to use for YOUR PHONE.

Without question, people who do not know their GPS coordinates compromise their safety and access to emergency help. 

printable McGregor Bay Fire Pump and Emergency Equipment locations map

See How to use the MNR Grid Map for instructions.

further information:

Emergency Services in the Off-Season

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