Report, "I am in a location with no road access near Birch Island,Ontario"

Be prepared to give your location: GPS coordinates or MBA Emergency Grid Map block.

NEW printable McGregor Bay Fire Pump and Medical Emergency Equipment Map

recorded on EMERGENCY Contact Numbers & Scripts: A Quick Reference Guide


• When you call an ambulance, paramedics are transported to your island in OPP/ Search & Rescue vessels ONLY.  You can request the OPP marine unit be dispatched, day or night. (Exceptions are made at the discretion of the supervisor and EMS personnel, case by case.)

• Ambulance dispatchers have medical training and will advise if the patient can be safely transported to an ambulance at Birch Island.

• If you are advised or choose to move the patient by boat to meet a land ambulance, give the name of the marina (J&G or Still Water) where you plan to take the patient, ideally where you car is. (Backboards are available at MBA fire pump locations.)

Usually, only the patient travels in the ambulance but this is decided on a case by case basis. Take medications, your wallet, and car keys; be prepared to drive.

• Even if requested and available, an air ambulance can only be dispatched under certain conditions, assessed by the dispatcher. The pilot has the discretion to land where he deems it safe. You can prepare for helicopter landing. Wait time for an air ambulance can be up to 4 hours.

• The ORNGE air ambulance does not fly into McGregor Bay after dusk. However, it will fly to the Manitoulin Health Centre in Little Current to meet the land ambulance.

• An OPP/Search and Rescue airlift in McGregor Bay may be possible after dark if the OPP deems it necessary, but this is uncommon.

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