MBA & Whitefish River First Nation

Statement of Respect

The McGregor Bay Association (MBA) acknowledges that we are in the traditional territory of the Anishinaabek of Whitefish River First Nation (WRFN) who will continue to exercise inherent rights with regard to these lands and waters as they have over the millennia. We honour the respectful relationship that the First Nation held and continues to hold in nurturing these natural surroundings. 

We recognize that their ancestors have exercised an inherent right to these lands and waters over the millennia and will continue to do so with the generations to come as reflected under the Bondhead Treaty of 1836, the McDougal Treaty of 1862, and the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850. 

As allies and partners within this territory, we are grateful for the opportunity to live, work and play here and acknowledge a shared responsibility to continue our relationship of respect and reciprocity to these lands and waters for the generations to come.