How do I register on the website? Once in the site, select “membership”, then current members can click “Renew Now” and select “request password”. New members can select “Join Now”. It is not necessary to pay your dues when you renew or join now, but it helps if you do.

Can I create a password of my own choice? – Yes, this can be done by selecting “profile”, then select edit “edit profile” and click on “Change password?”.

Why I did not receive a password? If you requested a password but did not receive it I your email, try looking in your spam folder.

How do I print the calendar? – Hover your mouse cursor over “News and Events” in the ribbon near the top of the page.  A drop menu will appear.  Click on “printable calendar”.

Can I pay membership fees for multiple people during the same transaction?  At present the system allows payment for one membership and donations per transaction.  Separate transactions are required to pay for “Extended Family Members” but to do so, they must be associated with your membership by clicking “add a child” at the bottom of your “profile” page.  

If you would prefer to pay Extended Family Memberships and donations in one transaction, you can mail your cheque along with the MBA membership form.  It is also possible for children to pay Extended Family Memberships and make donations independently.  We are working to add a checkout cart where regular memberships, extended memberships and donations can be paid for in a single transaction.

Where can I find the MBA Membership PDF form:  It is available on the homepage ribbon: Click “Membership”, then click “Sign up”, and then click “MBA Membership Form”.  The form can be filled out electronically or by hand.

Can I add photos to the gallery?  At this time only administrators can add photos to the gallery.  However to have a photo added you can forward a request by clicking on “Contact us” and requesting that your photos be uploaded.