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Online Canada Safe Boating Guide

*NOTE* This is no longer available in print. Printed BOATsmart!® Study Guide is available at Canadian Tire Stores and Marine Retailers across Canada

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Boating Course

Free online boating course accredited by Transport Canada

Pleasure Craft Operators Card:

Nautical rules of the road:

Sail & Powered pleasure craft up to 6m

Boating Safety App

Visitor Information

Marine safety

Canadian Safe Boating Council: Boat notes guide

Boaters Code:

Boating Fines under Canadian Regulations:

Canada Shipping Act

Transport Canada, Vessel operation restriction regulations (VORR) LOCAL_AUTHORITIES__GUIDE_-_ENGLISH_-_ACCESSIBLE_PDF.pdf

An Owners Guide to Private Aids to Navigation: CanadianAidsNavigationSystem2011-eng.pdf

Owners Guide to Private Buoys pamphlet TP14799E Owners guide to private buoys.pdf

Private Aids to Navigation:Canadian Coast Guard

Special Buoys

Special buoys are used to convey specific information to the mariner. These buoys are not primarily used to assist in the navigation of the vessel. The shapes of special buoys have no significance and a variety of shapes may be used in practice.  Many special buoys are privately owned and, as such, must conform to the Private Buoy Regulations.

Private Buoy Regulations:

Small Vessel Vessel Regulations: careless Operation

Collision Regulations C.R.C.%2C_c._1416.pdf

McGregor Bay Chart 2206: illustrating choke points

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