Call 310-FIRE (3473)(forest fire reporting)

      Use 911 as secondary number.

       Be prepared to report fire AND

  • exact location by GPS or Grid Map
  • condition of smoke or flames
  • what type of vegetation is burning
  • size of fire

• The MNRF’s mandate is to fight forest fires. You can call for assistance if trees and bushes around your structures are threatened.

• Where a cottage has hydro: It can be deadly for the person holding the fire hose to use water on a cottage fire where live electrical wires are located. Hydro should be called immediately for an “emergency disconnect” so that when the local cottagers and MNR&F fire fighters arrive, water can be immediately and safely directed at the fire. It is not sufficient to flip off the main breaker. (Your Hydro One account number is found at the top of your bill.)

Please refer to  Electricity and Water: Minimize Risk While Fighting Fires

• Don’t wait! If think you may be seeing smoke and wonder if it’s a fire, call the MNRF immediately. Provide the best and most detailed location information you can. They appreciate this info and can do a fly by and check it out. Catching fires early is really helpful to them.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Fire Danger Map

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System Map

McGregor Bay Association Grid, Fire Pump & Medical Equipment Locations Map

(click on map or link to enlarge, zoom in using Ctrl +)

(GPS coordinates above are in "degrees, minutes, seconds.")

printable McGregor Bay Fire Pump and Emergency Equipment locations map

In advance of a Fire, prepare your exit plan and identify a meeting place. In a fire everyone may use several windows/doors to exit the cottage. Where will you meet to then leave the property together? Get yourself to safety first, then call for help.

Pack a "To Go Bag" and have it at the ready. Consider the possible times of day/weather that an emergency can happen. As a minimum, include a fully charged cell phone, flashlights, bug spray. In a Ziplock, include a completed copy of Emergency Contact Numbers: A Quick Reference Guide & Scripts.

*NOTE* When you see water bombers or helicopters circling a fire, GET OUT OF THE AREA! Water bombers must first get water from the lake to drop; boats in the area can prevent that.

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