Most of McGregor Bay is not road accessible.

Knowing how to report your location in an Emergency is critical.

  • GPS coordinates:______________________, ___________________________
  • MNR Grid Map location: Basemap #_____________, Block #______________
  • TP Island number/survey number:____________________________________
  • landmark/property description:_____________________________________

 This sample map illustrates how to use the larger map below.

  • Police, Fire, and Ambulance, are all equipped to find your location using the MNR Grid Map for McGregor Bay (also known as UTM or Universal Transverse Mercator grid map).
  • Air Ambulance uses GPS coordinates only.
  • When calling to each other for help fighting a fire, using the Grid Map location ensures helpers know where to go to assist.

    Please find your location on 

McGregor Bay Emergency Grid Map


printable McGregor Bay Fire Pump and Medical Emergency Equipment Map

Please record your Basemap and Block numbers on your copy of

EMERGENCY Contact Numbers: a Quick Reference Guide & Scripts

Also record GPS Coordinates


►MNR Grid Map: McGregor Bay, large scale & printable

Other useful maps:

Topographical Maps; Whitefish Falls, 041104

NEMI Planning Map; some TP numbers

Killarney Park Map

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines:
  McGregor Bay Geology, map 2317

Canadian Hydrographic Service
McGregor Bay Chart #2206

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