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Fire Ratin

MNR&F has changed our fire rating to 'MODERATE". I do not believe we received enough rain last evening to dampen the forest floor as it takes several hours of steady rain to get though the trees to the forest floor. However, MNR&F is the determining office. I know that you get tired of hearing this but REMEMBER 310-3473 (FIRE).

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Schmidt Camp, TP 744 Lot 4

Just had a visit from our neighbors (Brenda and Bob Schmidt) and was told that they might be interested in selling their camp. They did not indicate any price. If anyone is interested or knows of anyone that might be interested, they are listed in the MBA directory. They are heading home to Michigan tomorrow morning and might be back up in a few weeks. Their camp is located on the north east end of TP 744.

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Fire Rating

MNR&F has again changed our fire rating to "EXTREME". While they have not yet issued a fire ban, open fires are NOT recommended. Remember 310-3473 (FIRE).

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Fire Rating

As of July 6, 2019, MNR&F has our fire rating as "HIGH". No fire ban at this time. Open fires are not recommended. REMEMBER 310-3473 (FIRE).

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Bass Tournament Reminder

REMINDER - Nickle City Bass out of Sudbury has organized a bass tournament in McGregor Bay on July 20, 2019. There will be some very fast boats in the area during the tournament. So, be careful, especially at the many choke points within THE BAY.

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Hazardous Waste Day Coming soon

Heads up, this happens once a year.

Household Hazardous Waste Day: Nemi

July 6, 2019 from 8am to 11pm – NEMI landfill Household Hazardous Waste Day…


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Escaped boat

12' lightweight aluminum boat, no motor, has floated away from our island (TP 1961). If you have seen it, please call Carl or Jennifer at (705) 968-0710. Thank you!

Added by Jennifer McCreadie on June 25, 2019 at 3:24pm — 1 Comment


Well, I have been waiting for the bass to show up around our docks. They finally did this week. Today, next to shore we can see a newly created spawn bed and the bass are just now spawning. Might be a good idea to NOT fish for bass as bass season begins. We need Mom and Pop Bass to finish their job so we can have MORE bass in the future. THANKS for your consideration.

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Missing docks or platforms

Hi Everyone,

Another summer is upon us. I was told with the water being high lots of docks when on a float. My docks made another winter thankfully but my swim platform was taken out by the ice. It is roughly 6'x8' with 2 black floats and a composite decking, tan in colour. If anyone has found it or finds it please try to return it it Lot 8 Jumbo island. Log cabin on the south side of the island overlooking Pardsey Craig.

Maybe start a blog so people can find their docks or…


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Fire Rating

MNR&F has changed our fire rating to LOW. Please be careful with all fires. Remember 310-3473 (FIRE).

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Fire Rating

According to MNR&F, our fire danger rating is "HIGH" but no fire ban as of now. Please use caution with all fires.  If you see an unattended, out of control fire, call neighbors and friends for help getting fire pumps/equipment and for help fighting the fire. Remember, call 310-3473 (FIRE) if you see an unattended, out of control fire and report the best location information (GPS or Grid Map numbers), the estimated size of the fire, are structures  threatened, etc.…


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Phone Number

705-507-8366. This is our NEW bay phone number, please change the BAY NUMBER in the membership directory.

Mike & Terry Weichmann

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New markers at Harrison Rock. REMEMBER - RED AND GREEN, GO BETWEEN.

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MBA 2019 Newsletter, Calendar, Membership Form online

Welcome to Spring McGregor Bay Association!

The ice could be gone in as little as a week, the Ice Breaker has been in, shipping has started. There is still ice in Birch Island Bay.…


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Fire Pumps

I recently requested that Stillwater Marina place all of the tested fire pumps and gas cans in the fire pumps stations by May 15, 2019. As previously stated, EVERYONE should know where the nearest fire pump station is located and we should all have a list of people (not just me but neighbors and friends) to call for help if a fire should start. ALL fires should be reported to MNR&F at…


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MBA 2019 Newsletter

Could you send out the following message for me regarding the MBA Newsletter:

Dear Members,

Once again it is the time I launch into the job of compiling articles and photos for our annual Newsletter.

I welcome all contributions articles about your experiences in the Bay - or anything that is related to the Bay that you would…


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MBA Website

The McGregor Bay Association website is a fantastic website. I know that many (including myself) use the McGregor Bay Friends Facebook site but please DO NOT forget about the MBA site. Please post photos, blogs, stories, etc.. It is also a GREAT source of information about THE BAY, laws, rules, etc.. Events are posted for summer activities, especially for the months of June, July and August. If you want to communicate with association members about an event, you can create an event. If you…


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Fishing Tournament 2019

Connor Cantwell indicated that Nickel City Bass will once again hold a bass fishing tournament in McGregor Bay on July 20, 2019. THANKS Connor for keeping me updated. 

Please post any photos and stories about your fishing experience in McGregor Bay. My biggest fish was a 52" Muskie caught in East/West Channel. THANKS Rusty for helping me land this monster and reviving it.…


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Fire Pumps

We have been very lucky this hot/dry summer season in that we had only one reported fire. Since the summer is over, the MBA fire pumps will be removed from the pump stations around October 15, 2018 and returned around May 15, 2019. Hopefully there will not be any fires but if you see an unattended and/or out of control fire call 310-FIRE (3473).

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Fire Ban

The NEMI Fire Ban has been lifted. If you open burn or barrel burn, PLEASE be very careful and please DO NOT leave the fire unattended. Remember 310-3473 (FIRE) if you see an out of control forest fire, then call your friends or neighbors for help. THANK YOU for observing the fire ban during this very dry summer.

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To protect and enhance the environment of McGregor Bay, to encourage and promote the respectful enjoyment of its unique natural setting, and to represent the interests of all of its residents and other stakeholders.


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