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40th Annual LaCloche Art show

The LaCloche Art show runs from Friday, June 30 to Sunday, July 9 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. and is located in Whitefish Falls, halfway between Espanola and Little Current on Hwy 6. Admission is free and there is a magnificent display of this years featured artist and one of the founders of the event, Ivan Wheale.

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Fire Pump at Strato's

There is a fire pump at Strato's. I guess it was a little late getting there.

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Jock Fleming

It is with great sadness that I am informing you of the passing of Jock Fleming, long time McGregor Bay cottager and father to Zoe, Anne and Rob. He died late last night.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones during this difficult time.

I have no further details: I will post more information as it becomes available.



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"Borrowed" Fire Pump

If anyone "borrowed" the fire pump and gas can located near Strato/Bragg camp, please return them ASAP as someone may need it to protect their property.

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Fire Pumps

Fire pumps should be at all of the pump stations. They were tested and made ready last week. If you have your own pump, please test it ASAP.

So far so good - no reported fires.

Remember: 310-FIRE (3473)


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Parish Hall Roofing Project

To those already in the Bay:

Roofing repairs are being done on the Parish Hall this week. Ferguson Maintenance has asked for people not to be in the Hall while repairs are going on for safety reasons.


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Slow Signs Meeting on July 5

July 5  Wednesday  3-5PM

The "SLOW" traffic signs installed in McGregor Bay last fall will be discussed at this meeting.

It is important that all voices are heard. See you there.

Peter and Marie

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NEMI Clean Up Week


Monday, May 15 to 19th is NEMI Spring Clean-up Week. 

The NEMI Landfill site will be open ( 11am to 7pm ) Monday to Friday (except the Tuesday hours will be 9am to 7pm and Saturday hours  9am to 3pm.)  This will be the first week that the landfill will be open on Sunday from 2 to 6pm.  Tipping fees for brush are waived for this…


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2017 Newsletter, Calendar, Membership form POSTED

The 2017 McGregor Bay Association Newsletter, Calendar and Membership Form have just been posted. You can pay dues electronically and email your form! Our website has:

Newsletter & Newsletter Archives,…


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Hydro One: scheduled power outages

Hydro One has announced two planned maintenance power outages scheduled for all of Manitoulin Island later this month. The outages will affect 10,524 customers across Manitoulin as well as Whitefish River First Nation and Killarney. The planned maintenance outages are scheduled for Tuesday, April 18, from 2 am until 6 am, with a second outage scheduled for Sunday, April 30, from 7:30 am until 11:30 am.…


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As the snow and ice melt, more and more of us are thinking about getting back to THE BAY to join those who are already there. One might think that you do not yet have to worry about fires in THE BAY but you do. With people returning, there will be an increase in possible sparks from wood burning stoves. These sparks can easily ignite the forest floor around your cabin. Also, some people do spring clean up burns and I DO NOT RECOMMEND…

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Looking for someone to help with gardening and cleaning in the bay if interested call 1 705 869 7884

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Private Fire Pump Systems

Murray Still contacted me today about the possibility of purchasing additional private fire pump systems (Honda WH20 pump, 200' of hose and a nozzle) if anyone is interested. He indicated that he has talked to Garnet's in Espanola. This is what he said:
"So, with everything, taxes included comes to $1,614.00 Canadian. We are saving 13% on the pumps and he waved the freight…

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Bay Arrival - Fires

All of us are probably thinking about our return to McGregor Bay. Some have spent time there during late fall, winter and early spring. Most of us arrive after it warms up (mid-May) and leave before it gets too cold (mid-October). There are a thousand things to do when you arrive and when you close. I would like to remind those who have their own fire pump systems that they must check them as soon as possible after arrival and make any repairs.…


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Terry and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you in THE BAY next year.

Mike & Terry Weichmann

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MBA Newsletter- Call for Articles

Dear Members,

As 2016 quickly draws to an end, we hope your summer memories are still fresh. This is a second reminder to all members who would like to make a contribution to our Newsletter. It is a community driven publication and we would love to hear from you! As in the past, your article topics can cover a vast array of subject matter including encounters with wild life, environmental topics including water quality and plant/animal life, social activities, historic anecdotes, how… Continue

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Fire Pump Systems

I am happy to say that 15+ private fire pump systems were purchased last summer. Those systems consisted of a Honda WH20 pump, 100+ feet of hoses and a nozzle. THANK YOU Murray Still and John Bush for coordinating the purchase of these fire pump systems.

I hope this trend continues in the future. We purchased our system three years ago and we are better prepared to fight a fire. As I have said before, we are located…


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I, like most, did not and do not like the idea of posting "slow" signs in THE BAY. However, I also know that just asking people to slow down at the three choke points has not worked. Boats have gotten bigger and faster over the years and boaters have become increasingly careless

I have been coming to THE BAY sine 1959. I do not…


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Request for MBA Newsletter Contributions

Dear MBA Newsletter Contributors!

While the summer of 2016 is fresh in your mind, a quick reminder that we’d love to see your articles and pictures, as well as plans for the coming year. During the 2016/17 newsletter preparation Gillian will have support from a team including Judy Young, and Gerry Quinn.

Some dates:

· Oct. 21st. Reminder email (this one), asking you to jot down your summer thoughts, and yes, send them along if you can write your article now!

· Nov.…


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speed limit signs in McGregor Bay are signs of intellectual rot

MBA Board,

You people have too much time on your hands and so little to do that you have to make up things to do to deface and degrade "the most beautiful inland waterway in North America". So you have been discussing these signs inside your bell jar for 2, not for 8 years, nor "for as far back as I can remember"? What balderdash! Danger? We gotta put up signs! That's it! We gotta put up signs to save ourselves. Ye are some helpless, lazy, puerile people. 



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To protect and enhance the environment of McGregor Bay, to encourage and promote the respectful enjoyment of its unique natural setting, and to represent the interests of all of its residents and other stakeholders.


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