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THANKS for posting the 2015 newsletter and events calendar. It will be nice having both a hard copy and online access. 

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Cost of Postage has stalled mailing the Newsletter from Canada...

Hi All,

I want to appologize to our American members about the extreemly late mailing of the Newsletter and Directory.  Last year we used a printer in Ann Arbor, which was very convenient for me, and the Canadian dollar was close enought that the savings were salient enough to justifiy the switch from a local (Espanola) printer.  This year, however the Canadian dollar has dropped by 20 - 25% and so I…


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THANKS for adding the 2014 newsletter to our website. Hope all future newsletters will be added ASAP after printing. 

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MBA Digital Presence

Let's see an MBA E-mail alias on here somewhere.  I wanted to inform the association of an address change and had to involve 7 separate contacts, two of which bounced back.  Also, electronic dues payment and online newsletters with opt-out for paper would be nice.  Cheques and paper mail are on their way out.

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experience with Rogers wireless home phone (WHP)

We installed the new WHP in July this year and turned our rogers rocket hub into data only. The signal coverage at our location, TP744, is good and we are enjoying the unlimited long distance (in Canada)  feature. We get medium speed internet when surfing.

However, without any warning on July 29, we  experienced a 12 hour signal outage that lasted most of the night. The WHP, the hub and my Samsung cell phone would not work   .. not able to communicate in case of an emergency .. When…


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George Frazier is looking for a family's cook position in McGregor Bay for 2015

I came up to McGregor Bay as a young boy, and over the years for short periods of time.  Now at 67 I would like to spend more time in the bay.  Working as a family's cook would make that possible.  If you might have such a position available for the summer of 2015 or know of some one I might contact, please get in touch with me.  Additionally I am handy at making repairs and building things.   My email is

My qualifications

-Worked on a tug boat as their…


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Response from Ted Shannon, MNR Fire Management Supervisor

Hello Mike,

Thank you for your kind words.  Our FireRanger crews train hard to meet the challenges of responding to forest fires and they are proud to do their part in protecting the people and forests of Ontario.  It is gratifying to know that our efforts are appreciated.

We, in turn, certainly thank you and the residents of McGregor Bay for your vigilance and organized approach to dealing with wildfires.  Early reporting to us is essential to quick, effective and successful…


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The following message was sent Ted Shannon, MNR Fire Management Supervisor & THE SUDBURY STAR -
I did not know who else to contact but on behalf of all residents of McGregor Bay I would like to convey our THANKS for the fire crews that responded to two different fires in McGregor Bay on July 21 and July 22. There was a fire on island TP 1809 in McGregor Bay on July 21 and a different fire on the border between…

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Whitefish River First Nation Fire Department

The following message was sent to the Whitefish River First Nation Fire Department and the Expositor:

On behalf of the Kleinschmidt family and the McGregor Bay Association, we would like to say THANK YOU to the Whitefish River First Nation Fire Department for your help in fighting the fire on Kleinschmidt’s island property on Friday, June 20.

The crew knew exactly what to do and when to do it so the fire was contained to a very small area. This fire…


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I believe all members of the McGregor Bay Association and all of the other residents of McGregor Bay and The Bay of Islands owe a big THANK YOU to Gerry Quinn, Carl Botan, John Bush and all of those who attended the recent NEMI council meetings. These individuals faught for maintaining the current property tax rate system. It is my understanding that council voted 7-2 in favor of maintaining the current system. So,…


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bat population

Has anyone else experienced a near wipe out of their bat population?    We've always had hundreds nest in a bat house we put up behind our sauna to distract them from the siding.  (east end of Is. 748)   I have yet to see any flying at dusk and can hear only a few in the bat house.   I used to curse them for nesting in the siding and now I'm thrilled to have heard a few there as well.  Is it the bat blight (white nose fungus) that's sweeping across the NE??   I saw one dead bat but it didn't…


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Rogers Rocket Hub Service

A 50% off per month deal is applicable to new subscribers to the Rogers

Rocket Hub service, which provides internet and/or telephone, while the

service is active. Customers have 15 days to try out the hub to ensure

signal access. A request can be made to extend this 15 day period if an

antenna needs to be acquired.

Plans start at $17.50.

If cottagers decide to…


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The MBA has a new system of buoys. You will find they are now painted all yellow, and are secured with wire instead of rope. Please watch carefully for the placement of new buoys over the summer as water levels change. For instance, there are two new buoys in the north end of the bay… one in Eatons Channel and one in Patten Bay.
If you find a buoy off its intended mark, please notify Burn McDougall at 705-285-5135 or 705-863-0770 or…

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Ben Marolf (Williams)- Work Availability this Summer

Hello All-

I'm in the Bay for the summer, and have been contacted a number of times about being hired for work this summer. I'm fairly booked through June, but July and a bit of August should be fairly open.

If you would like to contact me about working, rather than calling the Williams house phone, please send me an email at- - or find me at church on Sundays.

I'll be glad to set up work a month or so ahead of time if my schedule permits, so if you have a…


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McGregor Bay cottage for sale

TP 732 cedar log cabin with recent attached bathroom and bedroom cabin plus a new guest cabin for sale. Includes 16ft. naden boat with 30hp four stroke motor. Close to Birch Island. All in excellent shape. Call 765-463-5213 for more information.

Christa Keck

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To protect and enhance the environment of McGregor Bay, to encourage and promote the respectful enjoyment of its unique natural setting, and to represent the interests of all of its residents and other stakeholders.


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