I recently requested that Stillwater Marina place all of the tested fire pumps and gas cans in the fire pumps stations by May 15, 2019. As previously stated, EVERYONE should know where the nearest fire pump station is located and we should all have a list of people (not just me but neighbors and friends) to call for help if a fire should start. ALL fires should be reported to MNR&F at 310-FIRE (3473). When you call MNR&F, you should provide them with as much detail as possible, such as the location of the fire (GPS and/or Grid Map numbers), the type of fire (forest or structure), if there are structures involved or nearby, approximately how long has the fire been burning, do you know the cause, etc.. Again, we were very lucky last year in that we only had one fire, may not be so lucky this year. I would also encourage the testing of any privately owned fire pump systems at he beginning of each season and at least once during the season. If you do not have your own system, please consider purchasing one (we have one and I know that many due) or consider sharing the cost of a system with a neighbor. THANK YOU.

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