As we face the challenge of preventing the spread of Covid-19, we are advised to isolate and stay at home.  The Canada / US border is closed to non-essential travel and the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, has asked people not to travel to their cottages because of the threat to vulnerable communities with limited hospital facilities. 

To that end, Chief Shining Turtle of the Whitefish River First Nation (WRFN) is working closely with the McGregor Bay Association and marina operators to mitigate risk to area residents.  The WRFN community at Birch Island is an extremely vulnerable population, 80% of whom have one or more health conditions that are risk factors for virus severity.

Considering these matters, the McGregor Bay Association strongly urges people not to travel to McGregor Bay until restrictions are relaxed and until necessary local protocols are in place to protect the WRFN vulnerable population. 

The marinas at McGregor Bay will remain closed until further notice.

We will provide updates when new information becomes available. 

Thank you very much for your diligent efforts to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

John Woodrooffe
President, McGregor Bay Association

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